what is a lunu-luxe?

lunu-luxe (n.) : a super cute, non-greasy, highly moisturizing cuticle oil that's made in Canada. It smells incredible too.

The name lunu-luxe orginates from: the moon shape at the base of the nail called the lunula + the luxurious experience of using our formulations on the skin + nails. ☽

How often should I apply cuticle oil?

We recommend at least twice a day, but if you're struggling to find the time, we recommend before bedtime to let the goodness soak in overnight! ☽

What ingredients do you use?

Good ones!

Jojoba, coconut, meadowfoam, vitamin e + fragrance oils. We always recommend a test drop before full application! Please note: Though coconut oil is rarely an issue for those with tree nut allergies, we still recommend a test patch and consulting your allergist if this applies to you.

Filled with ECOCERT/Cosmos Approved raw materials wherever possible for responsible, sustainable environmental + economic resourcing. It matters to us.

All fragrance used is IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant, meaning fragrance is tested + ingredient-selective to ensure that they are always safe for your skin + nails. ☽

Do you sell unscented cuticle oil?

As a general rule, no.

We respectfully recognize that some people are sensitive to scent, it just happens to be our passion + speciality! ☽

If you have a bulk special request order, please email: wholesale@lunuluxe.com

Why don't you sell the same scents year-round?

Great question! The truth is we get REALLY excited about scents + we love curating the perfect seasonal collections, because we're all different + unique.

As we continue to grow and learn what our customers like most, top-selling products will be more widely available. Thanks for being a part of the adventure with your feedback! ☽

Where can I buy Lunu-Luxe?

We are a wholesale manufacturer and do not retail direct. As we work on a map locator, feel free to reach out + ask us who is carrying lunu-luxe in your area! ☽

If you are a consumer looking to purchase retail online, please go to www.ericasata.com

Other inquiries? Let's chat.

Please email us at wholesale@lunuluxe.com